The JP Willman Realty Twin Cities brokerage team is a leading-edge, agent-driven real estate company headquartered in the Twin Cities. Our experience as industry-leading real estate professionals puts us in a unique position to help agents at all levels of productivity create the best business and the biggest lives possible. At JP Willman, our mission is simple: to build lives of abundance.

JP Willman was first started by real estate masterminds Josh and Sarah Pomerleau. Josh first began selling homes in 2004 and met Sarah shortly thereafter. They put the systems and tools together to handle a large volume of listings. After a couple years, they started a successful real estate team that would go on to become one of the top teams in the Midwest.

Over the years, Josh has written numerous courses and taught 100’s of other Realtors on how to succeed in real estate at a high level. Josh always had a passion for real estate, growing people around him, and being a leader in the market place. So, after spending several years with a national brokerage, Josh and Sarah decided to create their own company so that they could continue to teach and train other agents to grow their business at a high level. Together, using Josh’s initials and Sarah’s maiden name, they created the name JP Willman.

JPWRTC team members are all leaders in their specific fields of expertise. With our combined skill, knowledge and experience – from agent relations, marketing, transaction management, and administrative services – you can expect a level of service second to none.

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