Welcome to My Neighborhood Journal!

Founded by Jon Speich in 2017, this blog is a carefully curated Twin Cities lifestyle magazine from the perspective of a neighborhood realtor. It is one of my life joys to find fascinating people that have interesting things to say about a variety of topics. Although we often slant toward real estate topics, there is much more. You’ll certainly find real estate advice, but you’ll also be entertained and informed with opinion, reviews, unique storytelling, profiles of inspiring people and places, and much more.

Real estate: Learn real and practical ways to accomplish your real estate goals.

Everything Else

Culture : Our neighborhoods are rich with life and culture. These articles have less to do with real estate directly. But, they often are written by real estate insiders and others who have abundant lives outside of real estate. We all have our vocations, but you’ll discover that we are more than the sum of our occupation. We are individuals with stories to tell.

The List: This is a carefully curated list of professionals that we use, endorse, and highly recommend to you from the real estate industry. It’s sort of like Angie’s List, but from people we know and trust.

The City: These are profiles of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. We are always adding to this list. It’s a work in progress. We love the Twin Cities and we love to talk about where we live.

We’re glad you visited our blog. Feel free to drop us a line if you have comments about what you see here. Enjoy.