Goat for Vijay!

Vijayashanthi, otherwise known to us as Vijay, is our sponsor child with Compassion International. She lives in Sri Lanka and will be 13 in April.

This Thanksgiving, my wife and I want to give a gift that makes an impact for children in poverty. We already sponsor this child, but we want to bless Vijay and her family with the gift of a goat. Yep, a GOAT!

A gift of goats means a family can have milk, which they can both consume and sell to earn money for other necessities. By providing a gift of a live goat we want to help this family become more self-sufficient, which leads to healthier children. Vijay’s family can then raise more goats, increasing the size of their herd, and sell the additional goats and goat’s milk to generate income.

Did you know one goat can provide 1,800 pounds of milk a year? That’s more than 11 tons of milk in its lifetime.

Read more about how to donate a goat!

A recent letter from Vijay:


Ken’s Crew: Walk to Defeat ALS

ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that is 100% fatal. Ultimately it peels away all of your physical abilities to include eating and breathing. Every 90 minutes someone dies or is diagnosed with ALS. The average lifespan of someone diagnosed with ALS is 2-5 years. The estimated average yearly cost of caring for someone with ALS is over $200,000. The ALS association helps to provide services and equipment for those with ALS in addition to supporting research. This year the first drug in 25 years to help slow the progression of ALS was approved.

This Saturday, September 16th, at Lake Phalen Ken’s Crew will be gathering to raise money for the ALS Association. This year it will be especially poignant as Ken died this past July at the age of 54 after being diagnosed with ALS 3 and a half years ago. Please consider walking with Ken’s Crew and/or donating at the following link >> Ken’s Crew

Patti Brown is a clinical nurse specialist at Nystrom & Associates.  She lost her husband Ken Brown from the horrible disease of ALS in July of 2017. She has two children and lives in Champlin, Minnesota.