As I continue working with buyer clients – successfully helping them find homes – I am vividly reminded of one of life’s fundamental truths…everyone has a story. The beauty and richness in the diversity of interests, motivations, backgrounds, and lifestyles comprise their stories. Each is compelling! As a result, I am developing a new feature called, Home Stories. Full disclosure → this is a concept I completely stole from another out-of-state brokerage. It is an excellent idea and fits perfectly into my real estate vision:

“To see clients not as transactions, numbers, or paychecks, but as a whole persons, with real needs, who require real expertise and genuinely professional guidance.”

Home Stories will be a growing gallery of clients who are willing to share their experiences in their homes and neighborhoods and how working with me guided them home. Each of them have a story and I want to tell it. Stay tuned…this is in development and I’m very excited about it!